Life to tomorrow…Love Collector

I may not have the solution today, but for sure when tomorrow comes there will always be a concrete reason behind each and every pain that I need to go through as this is a part of my Journey in this Lifetime.

We often have grudges with others wrongdoings unfortunately carrying it with us as we grow a bit older. Those hurt feelings that stayed for us in our hearts for what 10 yrs? or maybe more. They say that what we have gone through will make us stronger, but its not, it is turning us into beasts. Keeping everything within creates more anger to fight back and to be even…Well as they say I don’t get mad I get Even… but still we are angered by all the hurt we have experienced. We tend to overlook how the good and great things unfold before us because we hold within us the pain, the hurt, the anger and all the blames we have kept within us. We are more concentrated about ourselves…what about others? Maybe they have gone thru more than what we have….having been there does not make you better than others, I’m telling you…Revenge will never bring you Peace of mind either.

As for me, starting today, instead of Ouch Collector:) Pain / Hurt Collector.. I chose to be a LOVE collector…I will see good things, good deeds all the good in every person…in return I will be good extend help and be a good Samaritan to others…May God continue to bless everyone and whatever you are going thru..He will always give what is JUST.

” Do not judge me as you are not me :):):):)”







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